Ulcerative Colitis Journey

Hi and welcome to the Ulcerative Colitis Journey website! My name’s Dan.

          I’m one of the fortunate few who’s had success overcoming Ulcerative Colitis. I was diagnosed at 13 years old and suffered greatly with the disease until about 20.  I’m currently 26 years old and have been able to fully control my condition on my own. I’ve been able to do this without medication, surgery, or side effects. I have lived symptom and flare-up free for several years now and finally have my life back. I realize that those with UC sometimes go long periods without being bothered by the disease (called remission). My remission is no coincidence. This lasting remission only happened once I made big changes. Prior to this, I was flared up most of the time and NEVER had anything close to my current 6 year remission.

At 19 years old, I experienced my worst flare up ever. This ended up being a huge “turning point” for me. It was truly one of the most pivotal and game changing times in my life. I cover in detail my story, rock bottom moments, the role this flare-up played in my journey, and how Ulcerative Colitis almost took my life. Most importantly, I cover my journey to recovery, healing, and of course…..happiness!

To accomplish this I’ve completely changed the way I approach the disease. I devoted a massive part of my life to better understanding the human body, how it can heal, and how to be free from this horrible disease.

I started Ulcerative Colitis Journey to share my inspirational story, and hopefully guide others on their own journey by passing on the wisdom I’ve gained. I’m aiming to help you make your own journey from a place of pain and suffering, to a place of lasting health and remission.

So far, what I’ve learned has only benefited ME. Now I want to take it a step further. I’m ready to pass on what I’ve learned to a receptive and motivated audience ready to take on this disease as a team!

The Ulcerative Colitis Journey I speak about has come full circle. I am in the stage of teacher now.

The “journey” I refer to is this:

1) Diagnosis: Getting diagnosed with the disease

2) Living With The Disease: Suffering with the symptoms of the disease and having a life dominated by Ulcerative Colitis

3) A Turning Point: Hitting a rock bottom moment, reaching an “I’m sick of being sick” feeling, and pursuing how to get better
with more motivation than ever

4) Searching: Going through a stage of new curiosity, wondering how you can get better, re-searching, and possibly seeking out a teacher or source of help.

5) Changing Your Approach To UC: Applying what you’ve learned, eventually healing, and improving your condition

6) Maintenance and Stability: Maintaining and enjoying your newfound health. Having your life back, staying in remission, and being able to reach your potential as a person.

7) Teacher: Passing on your knowledge and sharing your experiences with those in eariler stages of the journey (if you choose)

My ultimate goal is to help you through the stage of your journey you are currently in (which most likely is the searching  stage if you found my site) and eventually help get you to the stage of lasting health and remission. At the least, I hope we can make the disease more tolerable by making flares less frequent, and less severe. I intend to help you do this by sharing what I learned about the disease, and what worked for me.

Doing this requires a lot of information to be communicated to you.

My hope is to focus all my knowledge into an managable and unintimidating educational resource for those willing to learn. A resource that channels the info into an organized, user friendly, and managable format. It's crucial that this information is usuable by those with or without a background in the human body.

I plan on including  my knowledge, lessons learned, what I did to get healthy, and what I would do if I was back in a flare. I hope to pull from a combination my life experiences with UC, books I've read, research I've done, wisdom gained from other health experts, and lessons from others with UC.

I cannot directly give you medical advice because I am not a doctor. In no way will I misrepresent myself and no information I give is to be taken as medical advice.  I only hope to teach you much more than you currently understand about health, while staying within the limitations of not having a medical degree. I only speak from my experience, what’s worked for me, and cite existing research on the human body.

Hopefully, if you’re willing to learn and willing to put in tremendous effort on your part, you can get to that place of healing and happiness we all want. A place of relief where the disease doesn’t dominate your life anymore, and you have freedom of health.

THAT is my goal!

Obviously getting to this place of healing would be great for you. Believe me though, the gratification of being able to help another human being suffering with Ulcerative Colitis has been a dream of mine for some time. Time to make it a reality.

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